Who are we?

We are freyja and we are your bright, shiny, new place to discover beauty. freyja (fre-ia) is the goddess of love and beauty, two things we celebrate. freyja is the place to shop, talk, and have fun – from brands you’ve always loved to new beauty names – you can finally get your hands on them here. We want you to be part of the freyja community.

Why do we want you in the freyja community?

We’d love for you to visit freyja, whether online or at our community beauty hub at Glorietta 2. We want you to be able to share your beauty looks, shop products recommended by people you trust, and have a thriving conversation in the Q&As and discussions in our community page online. We at freyja also want you to define beauty the way you believe in, and in the way that makes you feel good inside and out. We want to celebrate your stories from your beauty routines down to that new lipstick you wore today – we want to hear you out! Beyond posting on social media and our community, you’re more than welcome to share what you think of the products you’ve purchased (and even get a little gift back as a thank you from us).

Why shop with us?

Your trust matters to us. We want you to know that freyja is a safe place to shop your beauty faves; our products are 100% authentic and our payment channels are completely secure. If online shopping isn’t for you just yet, then we’d love to have you at our community beauty hub at Glorietta 2.

What do we stand for?

We at freyja believe that beauty is for everybody. We encourage all beauty enthusiasts and beauty newbies alike to share your stories, routines, recommendations, and your lives in beauty. Share your looks, snap your selfies, and discover new brands at the beauty playground that is freyja.

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