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10 Makeup Products You Should Get Your Hands On ASAP

Beauty girls, we all know the pain of searching far, wide, and vast for our makeup favorites just because we can’t find it locally: making sure it’s legit, finding the fairest price point in comparison to the actual tag, and the reseller actually being accessible and providing good service (read: next day delivery *ting ting ting*!). But what if we told you…. You no longer have to? Here at Freyja we believe in letting you finally find what you love, and when you discover new things, love what you find, too. Here are 10 makeup finds from our store that we bet will be your new obsession – if it isn’t already.



1. HUXLEY Relaxing Concealer Stay Sun Safe SPF 30 PA++

What’s better than a subtly plant-scented, skincare concealer? One that has SPF too, of course. Huxley has your back on your corrector-only days with its Relaxing Concealer. Just make sure to apply with a light hand as the product does have SPF and can be on the brightening side.

2. GESGEP Lip Fresco, Eye Panorama, Cream Cheek

We know right – we love everything. The common denominator among everything from Gesgep is that the pigment is crazy intense, yet it’s made so easy to use. Plus, the packaging is extra chic and sleek – perfect for your makeup pouch goals.

3. KORA ORGANICS Rose Quartz Luminizer

Luminizers are balanced on the fine line between makeup and skincare, which we’ll gladly tread for a good glow. This one from KORA comes with actual crushed rose quartz (shoutout to our crystal girls out there) that gives your skin a subtle, pink, pearly glow. It comes in a soft, creamy form too, that lets you integrate it easily into your makeup routine whether you want to mix it with your base or use as primer.

4. DIRTY WORKS Beach Babe Bronzer

Sometimes you want a little extra shimmer in your bronzer, sometimes you just want it chill and matte, but you don’t have to choose – Dirty Works’ Hello Sunshine Bronzer is half and half.

5. GIRLACTIK Matte Lip Paint

There are a zillion matte liquid lippies out there but if you haven’t gotten into it, let this be your first. You don’t need a lot of product – the thinner the application, the better – so the tube will last you forever. Plus, it comes in shades that go from wearable to edgy.

6. moonshot Micro Setting Fit Cushion

For the cushion lovers, moonshot has the perfect all-in-one for you: their Micro Setting Fit Cushion has brightening, anti-aging, and sun-protection properties all in one high-coverage skincare makeup. It’s buildable, too, so you don’t have to worry about it caking when you reapply.

7. WINKY LUX Flower Balm

Remember the mood lipsticks of your childhood? Well, they’ve grown up and now come to you in the form of Winky Lux’s Flower Balm Jelly Stain, which change tints from the bullet to when it’s applied onto your puckers. They come in clear bullets, but the cutest part is it has a flower inside the actual lippie.

8. GLAMCOR Riki Skinny

For the major makeup enthusiasts, GlamCor is the ultimate in beauty lighting. The Riri Skinny is best for your little vanity at home with its sleek size, adjustable LED lights, and mounted phone clip so you can upgrade your selfie game. It comes with a 3x magnified mirror attachment for those crucial eyeliner application moments.

9. GERARD Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

The most comfortable matte wear out there, the Hydra Matte applies smoothly and evenly and we love that its dry-down time is on point – not too fast for you to layer, not to slow for it to transfer anywhere. Plus, Gerard is known to have  the widest range of nude shades – everyday lippies for everyone!

10. REAL TECHNIQUES Brush Crush: Luminous Glow Set

If we were to ever own just one set of brushes… it would be this. The set includes the fan brush – highlight on fleek!!! – a blush brush that concentrates on the apples of cheeks for neat flush application, and a contour brush with a compact, flat head for precise sculpting. The best part is it includes two versions of their miracle diamond applicator – one for foundation and one for all-purpose blending.


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