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Face of freyja

Face of freyja: Gabs Gibbs

She’s served countless fresh, hot lewks for plenty a beauty brand online, and it’s really no surprise. Beyond Gabs Gibbs’ cool style, extra-glassy peaches-and-cream skin, and good genes (practically local showbiz royalty, tbh), our first ever face of freyja doesn’t just have serious makeup skills but a real love for beauty – we mean the deep-seated, love-you-long-time kind of passion (read: she used to do her lashes to play football as a teenager, and the level of care she has for her skin comes from someone who’s gone through cystic acne treatment). She’s got formal beauty training under her belt, having finished makeup school in Australia after more than a year, so she’s here for the long game as a makeup artist. But hey, she’s also here to play, and that’s what we love about her. We sat with Gabs while she was getting her hair done for our shoot – she did her own face, FYI! – and here’s what we found out about her.



What's your very first makeup memory?

Mmm my first makeup…When I was younger, maybe about five or six, my parents used to always dress me up and put face paint on me and I’d perform in the living room at like 8 in the morning dancing to mambo no.5 in a Mulan costume and a doggy face hahaha!

For sure you're a makeup girl, but after that I wanna know — where do you get your nails done!

I get them done at a lot of places! Extraordinail, Nailtalk. And I actually get them done when I’m in Japan. It’s the best there!!




What's the worst thing said to you for being a makeup/beauty lover?

This happened to me abroad; someone commented that Asian eyes shouldn’t be totally made up because it wouldn’t even matter or be seen.

What's the most important skill you've learned when you studied makeup abroad?

SPFX. A lot of my classmates didn’t really enjoy doing all the scary makeup looks and all the dirty work like moulding and applying all the smelly adhesives hahaha! But I loved every minute of it.

Who are your dream faces to do makeup on and how would you do it?

My dream face to apply makeup on would be Amandla Stenberg. She can just pull of any look! I love her!

If you could wake up tomorrow as another person/makeup artist... who would it be?

Lisa Eldridge or Violette Gray.




We all hate makeup shamers, but what would you respond when someone lowkey makeup/beauty-shame you by saying "oh I don't wear that because I don't need it"?

I love makeup but I’m respectful to people who decide to not wear so much makeup, small comments like that don’t really matter to me. I’d be like “good for you, more for me then!”

What is your dream beauty product - think no limits.

Secret. I plan to create it one day.




If you don’t see yourself as an influencer, what are you in your own terms?

A makeup artist. I mean I really look up to a lot of YouTubers especially Raiza Contawi, Say Tioco; they’re very hardworking people and ako, very tamad ako mag-film and mag-edit so props to them talaga (I’m lazy to film and edit so real props to them). I tried that for a while pero (but) I like doing it on others more than on myself. Parang I don’t think I would want to be doing that in the long run, so yun that’s why I also travelled to Sydney and really studied. I think maybe one day, I don’t know, I’ll put up a school or a makeup collection. Yun talaga yung what I really wanna do. (That’s what I really wanna do).

What would you be doing if you weren't in beauty?

I had this weird dream as a child that I wanted to be an archaeologist, maybe dusting off dirt from fossils isn’t so far from dusting off baking powder underneath my eyes hahaha kidding!!!

What would you tell your teenage self?





Words by: Belle Rodolfo

Makeup: Gabs Gibbs

Hair: Borge Aloba Jr., Education Specialist, of Aveda

Nails : Luz Fortuno of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

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