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face of freyja

5 First Impressions About This December’s Face of freyja: Juliana Gomez

To one who’s never met Juliana, there are two other names that will come to mind immediately: Richard and Lucy. But beyond her showbiz legacy, Juliana’s her own girl – a pretty cool one, too. Here are five reasons we fangirled-at-first-sight over Juliana.

  1. Book in hand…

She was reading a Murakami novel while she got her nails done for our shoot.

We do love a bookworm. Asked about the book in hand (Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami), Julia shares it’s the second time she’s reading it.


  1. Skincare is life.

It’s not even an obsession for her — she talks about it in a no biggie kind of way, because it's a lifestyle, a commitment. She confesses to have suffered from cystic and hormonal acne, which like with all of us, is a blow to one’s self esteem. Now it’s a part of her everyday life, and at even a warning of one popping up reminds her to stick to her regimen, and avoid dairy and sugar at all costs. Wish we had her discipline!

  1. Brows are totally her thing

She admits to not know yet how to do a full beat, but one thing she can do with her eyes closed? Her brows. Yup, even Juliana’s not above #KilayisLife. She spends most of her makeup routine on her brows, then the rest is tint on cheeks and maybe lips, then she only has her good genes and dedication to thank for the natural youthful glow.


  1. She just learned how to put on highlighter on herself!

Skincare, check. Brows check. But, everything else, she learned from makeup artists she’s worked with – including how to put on this Gerard Cosmetics Starlet Highlighter Palette. Anthea Bueno lent her not just her skill but also her fan brush so Juliana could sweep on that glow on fleek.

  1. She’s not just comfortable in the spotlight — she werks

It’s in the blood, we guess. On cam, Juliana already knew her angles, poses to strike, what part of the look to show off, how to use styling to her advantage. Were we lucky or what?


See the products she used in this shoot tagged below. 


Photographed by: John Pablo

Hair: Jay Wee

Makeup: Anthea Bueno

Stylist: Steven Coralde

Nails: Luz Fortuno of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Produced by Charmagne Garcia-Laconico

Words, Art Direction Belle Rodolfo

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