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Ace That Base with Beauty Blender

Achieve a flawless base with the original makeup sponge, Beauty Blender! Get that airbrushed look with this award winning beauty tool.

Tell us: What's your secret in keeping your makeup base fresh and flawless?

Let us know in the comments section below to get a chance to win one of these Beauty Blender sponges!

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Comments (11)

It starts with skin itself, how you take care of your skin is how you’ll have a fresh & flawless base. I use TO Granactive Retinoid Emulsion for fine lines & wrinkles. TO Niacinamide for my pores & bumps & TO Alpha Lipoic Acid for my skin texture. That’s my skin care triad every night. I’m not having any problem ever since because those products helped me achieve this clear skin. with that i only use Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer to serve as my moisturizer & primer in one bottle. If ny eyes feels tired, i’d follow it up with an eye cream (optional) That’s enough for me i don’t need any primers that has harmful chemicals. Top it off with sunscreen since i don’t want no aging skin!! I don’t use foundation since i believe that the more you apply to your face, the more it cakes up. I stick to concealer (Nars) it covers well my undereye bags which is my only problem right now, and any unwanted spots. I set it with Charlotte tilbury’s powder. Tarte Exposed Blush/The balm’s Frat Boy, Curl my lashes with Shu uemura mascara (that’s enough for me as long as it gives my eyes life then i’m living for it. Elf’s brow gel to finish it up. 1) Stay away from products with harmful chemicals, if it has more disadvantages than benefits to your skin. 2) Apply less makeup, you’ll look more fresh than applying more. 3) Take care of your skin, familiarize your skin & your skin needs. If you have dehydrated skin, hydrate. If you have bumps, look for any topical meds to aid it.

Simple! Make sure to find the right product that suit best your skin type first, of course. What I do is I make sure I prep and prime my skin after thorough cleansing, of course then lather on make up product just thr right amount then set and lock it with your preferred setting spray! Insta handle @gailaaaaaaacology

First thing is a good skin care routine! This will make your base a lot easier to work with. I always exfoliate first, and use just the right amount of moisturizer to prep my skin. Then I use a good primer to make sure that my makeup will stay for a long time. Most of the time when I apply a foundation, mixing it with a bit of moisturizer will make my base a little more lightweight(helps a lot in a humid weather like here in the Ph). Then blending it with sponge for a more natural effect, and finally set everything with a good powder and setting spray.

First of all, skin care is key! A good makeup base will always be better with good skin. The 10-step korean skin care has really worked for me these past few weeks that I've tried it. Having combination skin, I get oily on my tzone often and dry on the cheeks. I make sure to moisturize always then put an oil control primer (on my tzone) before putting on my lightweight liquid foundation. Best products to use for a great base that Freyja carries is from Benefit! They have skin care, great primers and lightweight foundation, all fool proof! ❤️

A good skincare is definitely my secret for a fresh and flawless make up base! Hydrated face with a moisturizer and a sunblock is the key! 💯😍

Anneyeong unnieeeee's to keep my make up base fresh and flawless ang ulimate puff ko po na galing po sa tita ko sa extra po niyang cushion hehehehe I've been using it for year na po ang sobrang ganda talaga ng kapit sa skin ko pag puff po gamit ko diko pa kase afford maganda sponges ngayon hehehe may mga brushes naman po ako pero dipo talaga ganun kaganda ang funda ko po pag foundation ko po. Ginagamit ko din po siya pang set ng funda hehehehe para paraan lang po. Kung papalarin man po sa giveaway niyooo for the first time makakagamit po ako ng tunay na sponge uwuuuuu. Thankyouuuuuuu po sa giveaway hope mapili po ako. Thankyouuuuu po Ig acc @jemaarieee

My bare hands is my ultimate secret on keeping my make up base fresh and flawless, Since I dont have any tools like sponge or brush I only use my hands to put or blend the make up to my face. Infairness, Effective talaga sya! Oh diba tipid tips! Char! Ofcourse I make sure that I wash my hands everytime I used it on my face. 😋 And mas convient siya lalo na pag nagmamadali ka tulad ko.. always cramming lalo na pag aalis with chikiting & hubby na mainipin. 😂 I know madaming makakarelate sakin especially mommies na wala ng time to buy for herself like make up tools because yahh know priorities first!!! Wais na mommy Hehe Hoping to win this!!! Pahabol for mother's day!!! Yayy 🤞ig: bellagandaaa

My key to a fresh, flaw-less, and oil-free base make-up is a nice, damp make-up sponge before applying any liquid foundation. Applying it damp sponge is like a make-up with airbrush finish. Then a loose powder to set it properly.