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Last Minute Summer Getaway 🌞

The rainy season is (almost!) here but it's still not too late to hit the beach this summer! Bring the perfect accessory to the beach, this very cute beach towel from Benefit 😉 We are giving away two of these to two lucky commenters!

Tell us: What's a beauty item you always bring with you to the beach?

Let us know in the comments section below to get a chance to win this goodie from Benefit Cosmetics!

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4. Comment your answers below!

NOTE: Don't forget to sign in for your entry to count! And include your IG username so we can easily find you!

We'll choose two winners next week. Good luck! 💖💖💖

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Comments (11)

I always do bring “SUNSCREEN” and my liptint when going to the beach. As much as I want summer, I wouldn’t like getting my skin all burnt and to give me a flash of color, I simply glide my peach tint and then voila! 🥰 IG: beamagtalas

TINTED SUNSCREEN ofcourse! The tint that it gives help me to give that even skintone and brighten me up but you should also never neglect skincare that’s why sunblock is also a must have!

The beauty item I always bring with me is liptint lagi ko dala ito anywhere anytime liptint is life ❤️💋

Definitely SUNBLOCK!!!!! 🌞🌞🌞And always remember to drink A LOT of WATER to avoided dehydration and to look fresher!IG: @littlemsjamie

Definitely my sunscreen! And a lot of people do not understand how vital it is especially when you're going to stay for long hours under the sun. It protects your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays which comes in two forms- UVA and UVB. Both are carcinogens! which is why you should invest in a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection against both types. Ig handle: @smntharae

Actually just my comb 😂 (for me it’s a beauty item) I really don’t mind if my skin will get darker because it is just natural for us to have dark skin here in our place(where my house touch the ocean😂) Mas nag-aalala ako sa long hair ko dahil it will get frizzy because of the strong wind here at our beach. That’s why my comb is the beauty item I will always bring with me at the beach 🏖 IG: christinebabyy

my sunblock and my moisturizer which is the jeju aloe ice gel i love going to the beach with my sunblock and moisturizer because its look fresh and pretty and to avoid sunburn...IG: padillamatt22

My Kara Organics face mist is a must! I love going to the beach and I need to make sure that I look fresh plus my liptint and sunscreen. Cant wait to go back and enjoy the sun😊 ig: khaory

Love anything multi! You will definitely catch me bringing either my lip and cheek tint or my beauty stick for lip and some face shimmer! It’s so lit to be glowing in your IG Stories at the beach! 💕 @senoradyosa

Omg so many items i could think of! But the item that i’d always bring wd me at the beach no matter what would have to a reef-safe sunscreen! Standard sunscreens contain oxybenzone that have been proven to cause lasting damage to aquatic ecosystems. Opting for a reef-safe sunscreen will help protect aquatic plants and animals, whether you’re on the beaches of a lake, a sea, or an ocean!💕🌊 ig: nica05