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Ask Aryanna Epperson about her self- care tips & beauty routine

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Aryanna Epperson

Beauty Expert

Get to chat with your favorite 1-Minute Vlogger/VJ Aryanna Epperson and send her your beauty questions as she talks about her self-care routines, live on freyja's facebook!

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Other than sunscreen, what are your beauty must-haves for summer?

How do you conceptualize your vids and execute them in a way that it doesn't look like "minadali" 😚🧡 Quick editing tips? Sorry for the non-beauty related question but i really do love your content and for a busy person that want to create I do need some advice from a pro!😍

What is your favorite part when you do your beauty routine? (Makeup and Skincare) 💛💛💛

What's your biggest insecurities when it comes to beauty and how do you overcome them?

How do you usually find out the best skin care products?

Charmagne What is your favorite glam makeup look when you go to an evening event? How do you make it a standout look?

Do you have any ingredients you look for when choosing a skincare product?

What products do you use when you have a breakout?

What are your top 5 favorite products for creating quick and easy looks under 1 minute?

How do you pamper yourself and your skin after a busy a week?