Citron Water Mild Sheet Mask,25ml


Citron Water Mild Sheet Mask,25ml

About This Product
  1. 100% environmentally friendly pure bamboo sheet masks adheres comfortably to your skin
Main features:
Nourish your skin with this infused water soft sheet masks.
100% environmentally friendly bamboo sheet masks are available in following flavors:
Apple: Smoothing to refine skin texture
Blueberry: Vitalizing to rejuvenate skin
Citron: Brighten skin tone
Ginseng: Moisturizing to provide intense hydration
Green Tea: Moisturizing to revitalize skin
Lotus: Pore tightening
Mugwort: Soothing and moisturizing
Quince: Nourishing
Raspberry: Firming and brightening
Tea Tree: Soothing

A hypoallergenic naturalistic brand that captures the pristine nature of Korea.

Clear and comfortable beauty
GOODAL provides clear and comfortable beauty with natural ingredients of Korea to improve the self-purification ability of skin.

Infusion Technology
Natural ingredients are carefully extracted through special infusion and fermentation technique to eliminate impurities and enhance clarity for comfortable skin.

Sophisticated women ages 25 to 35 who are stylish, yet comfortable using a combination of familiarity and newness.

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